Indoor window box herb garden planter

Indoor window box herb garden planter

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By Leigh Clapp published 2 JulyA herb garden can be practical and decorative, with the aromatic plants enjoyed for their use in cooking, their fragrance, or blooms. Easy to grow, herbs are a wonderful addition to your garden, while you can just as easily create an indoor herb garden too, because there are so many ways and places to grow them. They can be grown in a dedicated border, interplanted among other edibles, with ornamentals in garden beds, or in containers on a patio or courtyard and cooking herbs placed near the kitchen door ready for harvesting. It is a cook and gardener's delight to be able to pop out to the garden and pick a sprig of rosemary to flavour a leg of lamb, a bunch of mint to add to a summer drink, or a handful of herbs to enhance a salad, and so knowing how to grow herbs is a must. Read on to find out how to grow a herb garden, and find lots more garden ideas at our dedicated page.

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A Smart Garden for every reason and every season

This easy-to-build box is perfect for a kitchen window sill or countertop. If you plan on keeping your planter box outdoors, use a species of wood that is weather-resistant and line the box with a plastic wrapping.

We did not finish or paint our box, instead we left it natural and added a pop of color by painting the clips a bright neon color. Repeat this step on the other end of the planter. Place a small bead of wood glue onto both the final side pieces and end pieces and press gently to complete the box. While the glue is still a little bit wet, shift your box as needed to ensure the pieces match up how you want them. Once your pieces are in place, use a clamp on each end to secure the box.

Let the box dry for at least 12 hours. When dry, use a few finishing nails on each corner to reinforce the box. Use a pencil to mark where you will attach the clips.

For our box, we measured 1" down from the top and put one in the direct center 10" in from the end and then split the difference for the two other clips on each side. Once you have them marked as desired, gently hammer a nail, letting it poke out a bit for the clip to slide onto.

We painted the clips with neon spray paint suitable for metal. Then we used trimmed card stock to write the names of the herbs in the box. Optional You can line the box with waterproof tape or plastic. This will keep your box from excessive warping if you are planting items that need regular watering.

How To Make and Decorate Decorating. Learn how to make an easy planter box to hold herbs and small plants in your kitchen. Pinterest facebook twitter email. By: Laura Parke. Materials and Tools. Attach Bottom and Sides. Attach the End Pieces. Clamp It Together. Place the Clips. Paint the Clip. Line the Box. How to Make His-and-Hers Vanity Cabinets Add personality and graphic impact to cabinets, an armoire or a dresser with trim and plywood silhouettes. How to Make an A-Frame Wine Rack Learn how to make a simple wine rack that brings together the natural wood and neon rope.

How to Paint Stripes, Chevrons, Blocks and More Learn the secrets for creating straight lines, even patterns and cohesive designs on your walls. Make Large Outdoor Planter Boxes From Patio Pavers Terra cotta and ceramic planters can be pricey, learn how to make colorful container gardens using inexpensive concrete pavers.

Homegrown Stone Pots The bigger a pot, the more it costs. Why not make your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the elements?

Learn how to construct a homemade hypertufa trough. The Dirt on Creative Containers A master gardener offers suggestions on different kinds of garden containers. Container Ideas for Transplants and Seedlings Discover a variety of creative container ideas for transplants and seedlings.

Jell-O Mold Planter Learn how to make a planter that fits over a picnic table umbrella from funky old Jell-O molds found at garage sales and thrift stores. Holmes Inspection 7am 6c. Holmes Inspection 8am 7c.

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There are many benefits to growing herbs in containers. I love having fresh herbs growing in pots just outside my kitchen door. As well, different herbs have different moisture needs and growing them in pots is an easy way to control soil moisture. Of course, growing herbs in containers will also keep aggressive spreaders, like mint and lemon balm, under control and away from garden beds. Here are seven of the best herbs for container gardening. Basil is my go to herb in summer and my gardens are full of different varieties like Genovese , Nufar, Dolce Fresca , or Spicy Globe , but I also love growing basil on my sunny back deck. Basil is a warm weather annual herb and thrives when grown in pots and window-boxes.

A step-by-step guide to growing edible plants in the smallest of urban outdoor windows, so Drahn installed planter boxes on each sill.

17 Indoor Herb Gardens That Will Add New Life to Your Kitchen

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Planters for Herbs, Succulents, and Flowers

Herbs are one of the most important parts of cooking. The best part about them is that they grow in just about any environment and only need a little water to thrive. Window boxes are an excellent way to have herbs available at all times without having to plant them in your garden or go out and buy fresh ones every time you need them. This article lists the 10 Best Window Sill Herb Planter Boxes and Pots for your herb garden, so you can find the perfect fit for your home! Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products.

Boxwood is an ideal evergreen choice for pots and planters. Exclusions apply.

10 Best Window Sill Herb Planter Boxes And Pots (2021)

Photo Credit: David Dames. Gather basic gardening tools in preparation — a trowel and gloves is really all you need. Photo Credit: D. This herbal arrangement combines colorful beauties and culinary favorites, all with one thing in common: they despise cold temperatures. So, get them inside and enjoy fresh flavor throughout the winter months.

How to Grow Container Herbs Both Indoors and Outside

This impressive hydroponic herb garden provides water, nutrients, and light to growing herbs. Users can get their hands dirty with this traditional indoor herb garden. Beginners will enjoy starting their first windowsill herb garden with this easy-to-use product. Picking, chopping, and grinding freshly grown herbs can quickly improve the taste of a pasta dish, enhance the appeal of vegetables, or even bring out the flavor of seared salmon. For many culinary explorers, the best indoor herb garden is a set-it-and-forget-it hydroponic herb garden. These gardens come with many features, including automatic watering, an included grow light that provides them with ample light, and a self tracker to regulate when the next watering or fertilization intervention is necessary.

Containers: To grow plants for your windowsill garden, you'll need a gardening—you can use terra cotta planter pots, a long window box.


Last Updated: July 2, By Virginia. I can remember the surprise on the faces of my guests on the day that I went to my windowsill herb garden, snipped off a few sprigs of chives, and diced them into our spring salad. The conversation suddenly became more animated.Niekoľko mojich hostí bolo dokonca váhavé ochutnať šalát, ako keby som urobil, je pomerne nezbedný!

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